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Models & Pricing

The prices listed below are in unites of per 1M tokens. A token, the smallest unit of text that the model recognizes, can be a word, a number, or even a punctuation mark. We will bill based on the total number of input and output tokens by the model.

Pricing Details

deepseek-chat (1)Good at general tasks, 128K context length$0.14 / 1M tokens$0.28 / 1M tokens
deepseek-coder (1)Good at coding and math tasks, 128K context length$0.14 / 1M tokens$0.28 / 1M tokens
  • (1) The backend model of deepseek-chat and deepseek-coder has been updated to DeepSeek-V2-0628 and DeepSeek-Coder-V2-0614, you can access them without modification to the model name.

Deduction Rules

The expense = number of tokens × price. The corresponding fees will be directly deducted from your topped-up balance or granted balance, with a preference for using the granted balance first when both balances are available.

Product prices may vary and DeepSeek reserves the right to adjust them. We recommend topping up based on your actual usage and regularly checking this page for the most recent pricing information.