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Cannot sign in to my account

Your recent account activity may have triggered our automated risk control strategy, resulting in the temporary suspension of your access to the account. If you wish to appeal, please fill out this form, and we will process it as soon as possible.


Is there any expiration date for my balance?

Your topped-up balance will not expire. You can check the expiration date of the granted balance on the billing page.

API Call

Are there any rate limits when calling your API? Can I increase the limits for my account?

The rate limit exposed on each account is adjusted dynamically according to our real-time traffic pressure and each account's short-term historical usage.

We temporarily do not support increasing the dynamic rate limit exposed on any individual account, thanks for your understanding.

Why do I feel that your API's speed is slower than the web service?

The web service uses streaming output, i.e., every time the model outputs a token, it will be displayed incrementally on the web page.

The API uses non-streaming output (stream=false) by default, i.e., the model's output will not be returned to the user until the generation is done completely. You can use streaming output in your API call to optimize interactivity.

Does your API support LangChain?

Yes. You can refer to the demo code below, which demonstrates how to use LangChain with DeepSeek API. Replace the API key in the code as necessary.

Does your API support Embedding or Function Calling?

We do not support these features at this moment, but they are in our development plans.

Does your API support JSON Output?

You can ask the model to return content in JSON format in the prompt and then parse the results. The call to response_format = { "type": "json_object" } in OpenAI SDK is not yet supported.

How to calculate token usage offline?

You can run the demo tokenizer code in the following zip package to calculate the token usage for your intput/output.